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Charcoal Desk

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As low as $450/mo at 0% APR

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Oval Delivery in 4-5 weeks

Unparalleled build quality.

Award winning design brought to
life with ultra-premium materials

Advanced productivity tech.

Supercharge your day with
calliberated breaks.

John Biggs,
East Coast Editor

John Biggs,
East Coast Editor

The craftsmanship is just
phenomenal. I love the zen-like
tech as well.

Award winning

The best feeling
table top ever



desk top


Easy tactile

Noiseless lifting columns


10-year warranty

your day

When you work on the Charcoal Desk, you don't need coffee to power your day. It makes sure you work with focus and energy by helping you work in-sync with your natural biological rhythms.

What’s in the box?

Does this have everything I need from a typical standing desk?

Yes. The features expected from the best standing desks are the ability to save presets, an integrated collision sensor, and high-quality three-stage, dual-motor columns that are fast and noiseless. The Charcoal Desk has all of these, along with unparalleled build quality brought to life in an award-winning design.

Why is the crystal acrylic better than a wood/laminate top?

The surface-modified crystal acrylic is manufactured in Italy and it’s the most premium material available on any commercial desk. It’s more expensive than even solid woods like Oak and Walnut. It’s got a lovely soft matte texture and it’s gorgeous to look at because of a subtle depth effect in the material, and at the same time, it’s tough as nails, so it’ll look brand new for years to come.

Which size do I get?

Click here to access the size guide.

What’s special about the Linak DL6 Plus motor & standing column?

A standing desk’s most important components are the lifting columns, which house the motors. Most standing desks in the market have lifting columns that are made in China. They aren’t nearly as good as Linak’s columns which are manufactured in Denmark. Here are a few reasons why - they will not last as long, the experience of using the desk will be poorer because of the noise, you’ll have to wait longer when switching positions as the speed would be slower, and the weight capacity may be lower (Linak’s columns can take up to 320 lbs).

Can I assemble the desk on my own? Will I need additional tools?

The desk is very simple to assemble. It’s far easier than assembling other standing desks as the metal frame comes attached to the tabletop. You are not likely to take more than 10 minutes to assemble the desk. All the tools required to assemble the desk are provided with the desk itself. There’s no need for any additional screwdrivers or drilling machines. Also, to flip the desk upright after assembly, you’ll need someone to help you out.

What is the Red Dot Award?

The Red Dot Award is the most prestigious design award out there. It’s awarded to the most aesthetic and innovative products in the world. The Charcoal Desk won the award in 2021.

Other than the US, where else do you ship?

Presently, we only ship to USA & Canada. We are working on launching the product in parts of Europe and Asia.

How do I know if it will work well for my height?

The desk can switch between 560 mm at its lowest and 1200 mm at its highest. If you’re anywhere between 5 feet tall to 7 feet tall, this desk will work for you. There are no standing desks in the market with a greater range.

Can I save my preferred height?

Yes. The desk allows you to save and recall presets.

Will I need to buy anything else for my wire management?

Your purchase includes the wire management tray which helps you manage your wires neatly. You just need to stick your power strip to the tray.

How do I reach Charcoal for support? 

For general queries, please reach out to us at For support with your purchase, please reach out to us at

What is your return policy? 

We really hope you’ll enjoy your desk for years to come. But, if for any reason, you’d like to return it within 30 days of having received it, you can email us at and we’ll arrange for the return.
In the email, please mention,

Your order number
Your full name
The items products being returned

We will refund the entirety of the purchase price, minus the applicable return shipping fee.
Also, to ensure that you can’t be held responsible for damage that may happen during transit, please return the desk in its original packaging.

Can my desk be assembled for me?

We presently do not offer assembly services. But we have worked extra hard to make the assembly process quick and easy.

What is the minimum and maximum height of the desk? What is the weight capacity? 

Max height: 1200 mm
Min height: 560 mm
Max weight capacity: 300 lbs