John Biggs,
East Coast Editor

“The craftsmanship is phenomenal.
I love the zen-like tech as well.”

"I'll admit. I knew this was
going to be a high-quality
piece of furniture, but I
didn't expect the tech to
change my life."

Alyssa Walker,
Design director

"It looks and feels extremely premium
and its the sturdiest standing desk I
have ever used."

"It's amazing how the desk
has improved my productivity.
Really didn't expect it because
it's such a subtle change. But
it's really impactful."

Kevin Williams,
World #2 Hunter

"If you work long hours, this desk
is an absolute game changer."

"This is the best standing
desk out there. Quite a few
standing desks in my office
and nothing close to my
Charcoal Desk"

Edward Lee,

"Do you need this one in particular if
you're trying to get into a standing and
sitting position? Definitely not. But if
you’re like me & appreciate well-designed
products I would highly recommend
checking out this desk."

"I researched standing desks
for a month before I ploughed
my savings on my Charcoal
Desk. It’s more expensive than
the other ones but it’s worth
every damn penny."

Minimalistik, ,

“This is the sturdiest standing desk
I have ever tried.”

"I often catch myself just
rubbing the tabletop. It’s
just so fricking nice!"

Ali Abdaal,

“This desk is sick!!!”

“I’m 6.2” and most desks
wobble at my height. But
this one is very sturdy.
Tall folks, this is it!”